Tips on How to Take Care of Your Garden While on Vacation

Worried about your plants before going on a holiday? Say no more! We’ve got you covered. Just follow these tips, and you can experience peace while on a trip.

Say hello to an irrigation system

The biggest problem you’ll have is the supply of water. While you’re away, Raised garden bedyou might be worried about your plants not receiving sufficient water every day, which will hinder you from enjoying your vacation. So to avoid anxiety, install a programmable water timer to your drip system, soaker hoses, or sprinklers that are linked to your outdoor faucet. Set them to activate daily or at least once a week. However, this technique doesn’t guarantee 100% success. I still recommend you request someone to check your garden once a week to ensure that everything’s swell.

Put mulch around the individual plants

Surround each plant with mulch, and you won’t have a problem controlling weeds and keeping the plants moisturized by serving as a hurdle between hot air and the soil. Add mulch before you leave, and you’ll come home with an attractive, tended garden. Among the favorites are pine straw, wheat straw, and leaf compost.

Feed the plants

Before you hop on a plane, feed them with liquid fertilizer and granular fertilizer first. Giving them food is beneficial especially if you’ll be gone for more than seven days. Follow the directions on the packages, and you’ll be doing your plants a huge favor. After all, if you starve them, they’ll starve you too. What goes around comes around.

Check your garden

Make sure every single thing looks right before you leave; that is if you still want to get home to a beautiful, healthy garden. Inspect the plants. Are there pests around? Are they receiving enough water and sunlight in their current location? Check the garden beds. Can they still hold up the soil and plants? If not, repair them with a plate joiner. There’s a great plate joiner found here. Lastly, look for weeds. You might need to pull some of them before going on a trip.

Raised garden bed

Select a garden assistant

Nothing can beat a good pair of eyes. If possible, ask someone in your neighborhood to be your garden assistant. It’s still best to have someone to water and inspect your garden every day. You can also request them to take pictures so you could still keep an eye on your garden. Just make a deal that would be beneficial for the both of you. You could pay them cash, or they could take whatever’s ready for harvest while you’re away; it all depends on your agreement.

There you have it! Now you can enjoy a good holiday and come home to a beautiful garden. Brilliant!