Travelling Alone In London

solo travel

It’s one thing to travel with your friends. It’s another thing to travel with no one, but yourself. Fret not, though. Travelling alone is a great experience – especially if you’re going somewhere like the United Kingdom’s capital, which has no shortage of places to see or things to do or people to encounter and more.

With that, here are some points when travelling in London:

Be prepared.

Airline tickets? Check. Hotel rooms? Check. Itinerary maps? Emergency kits? Survival tools? If you wanna travel – or more specifically, if you wanna travel alone in London – you need to be prepared. And you don’t just need to be prepared. You need to be fully prepared, as well as more aware on what’s happening around you – just in case you suddenly get lost or accidentally get wounded.

Pack lightly.

Travelling in the United Kingdom’s capital will definitely up one’s knack for adventure. With a total land area of 1,572 km² or 157,200 hectares, you will never run out of places to see here. Thus, you need to pack lightly. This is not just for you to move around freely, but also to fully experience London’s scenic views and charming milieu – without compromising any limitations or without feeling any kind of pain.

Visit suburbs.

As mentioned before, travelling alone is a great experience. But when it comes to places you’ll stay in for days or even months, nothing compares visiting suburbs like Hornsey in Northern London. For one, it has a residential feel all over the place – making one feel like he is just at home, even if he is far away. It also has a traditional feel all over the place – being the oldest village in London and all.

Do you any other points when travelling in London? Let us know in the comments section below!