Perks Of Living In The Suburbs

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There’s just something about living in the suburbs that will one realize the importance of taking breaks once in a while.

We all know how the hustle and the bustle of the city can be, even more so than we know our nation. We also know how it can affect your daily life, even more so than we know our city. We even know how it can affect other people’s daily lives, even more so than we know ourselves.

Most of all, we know that if we don’t do anything about it, everything as we know it would completely fall apart.

Thus, it’s only normal to think about living in the suburbs instead – where you can feel the cool wind blowing on your face without worrying about inhaling any toxin coming from the carbon emissions of the air due to greenhouse effect, where you can feel the warm sun shining on your body without gasping about absorbing any toxin coming from the ultraviolet rays of the sun due to climate change.

That being said, here are the perks of living in the suburbs.

It will make you appreciate Mother Nature even more.

Come on, let’s face it. Mother Nature has changed so much, especially when it comes to her outer appearance. But come on, let’s also face it. Mother Nature has never changed that much, especially when it comes to her inner appearance.

She’s still the same one who provides us food and water, as well as shelter and work. She’s still the same one who rewards those who take care of her. She’s still the same one who punishes those who take her just for granted. Simply put, it all comes down to your heart say. Thus, living in the suburbs will make you appreciate Mother Nature even more.

It will make you appreciate yourself even more.

The fact that you’re now considering the calm and the peace of the country life, you’ve already taken a closer step to becoming more appreciative of yourself. The fact that you’re now deeming the calm and the peace of the suburban life, you’ve already take a closer step to becoming more appreciative of any other aspects in your life.

You see, living in the suburbs is more than just being able to provide a snack for her friends who always helped her in a healthy way. You also see, living in the suburbs is more than just a dish for her family who always supported her in a fit way.

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Taking A Break From Your City Life

taking a break

We all know how our city life can be.

Full of bustle from seemingly endless reports piling on your work table, full of hustle from seemingly boundless chores gathering on your home table, and whole lot of other fulls that might overwhelm us more than usual. There’s also the fact that not everyone gets to take a breather, even for just a little while, due to other people expecting too much from someone who only have a few years of experience.

But as Timon and Pumbaa plus Simba said: Hakuna Matata, which means no worries for the rest of your days.

Your city life will always be there waiting for you. Your city life will always be there clamoring for you. Never let anyone think that you don’t deserve to go all Hakuna Matata on them and just go back to work when you’re all freshened up.

Take a break from your city life.

Take a break from all those seemingly endless reports piling on your work table. Take a break from all those seemingly boundless chores gathering on your home table.

Take a break from being overwhelmed with all those fulls.

Take a break from all those people expecting too much from you.

You can do easily this by:

Getting More Active

There are lots of ways to get more active.

Whether it’s running with a running mill or rowing with a rowing machine, which you can look more into with these great reviews of rowing machines found here, you can always take a break by getting more active even if you’re staying indoors. Whether it’s climbing up a high mountain or hiking down a steep cliff, you can always take a break by getting more active especially if you’re going outdoors.

This is not just for you to keep yourself healthy and fit physically, but also for you to keep yourself healthy and fit mentally and emotionally.

Even more so, these activities will make up for how you’ll feel refreshed after taking a break from your city life – further increasing the quality of your work, as well as improving your overall productivity.

Always remember, never let anyone think that you don’t deserve to go all Hakuna Matata on them and just go back to work when you’re all freshened up – and yes, with the abovementioned activities.

Do you have any other tips and advice for those who are looking to take a break from their city life? Let us know in the comments section below!

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Garden While on Vacation

Worried about your plants before going on a holiday? Say no more! We’ve got you covered. Just follow these tips, and you can experience peace while on a trip.

Say hello to an irrigation system

The biggest problem you’ll have is the supply of water. While you’re away, Raised garden bedyou might be worried about your plants not receiving sufficient water every day, which will hinder you from enjoying your vacation. So to avoid anxiety, install a programmable water timer to your drip system, soaker hoses, or sprinklers that are linked to your outdoor faucet. Set them to activate daily or at least once a week. However, this technique doesn’t guarantee 100% success. I still recommend you request someone to check your garden once a week to ensure that everything’s swell.

Put mulch around the individual plants

Surround each plant with mulch, and you won’t have a problem controlling weeds and keeping the plants moisturized by serving as a hurdle between hot air and the soil. Add mulch before you leave, and you’ll come home with an attractive, tended garden. Among the favorites are pine straw, wheat straw, and leaf compost.

Feed the plants

Before you hop on a plane, feed them with liquid fertilizer and granular fertilizer first. Giving them food is beneficial especially if you’ll be gone for more than seven days. Follow the directions on the packages, and you’ll be doing your plants a huge favor. After all, if you starve them, they’ll starve you too. What goes around comes around.

Check your garden

Make sure every single thing looks right before you leave; that is if you still want to get home to a beautiful, healthy garden. Inspect the plants. Are there pests around? Are they receiving enough water and sunlight in their current location? Check the garden beds. Can they still hold up the soil and plants? If not, repair them with a plate joiner. There’s a great plate joiner found here. Lastly, look for weeds. You might need to pull some of them before going on a trip.

Raised garden bed

Select a garden assistant

Nothing can beat a good pair of eyes. If possible, ask someone in your neighborhood to be your garden assistant. It’s still best to have someone to water and inspect your garden every day. You can also request them to take pictures so you could still keep an eye on your garden. Just make a deal that would be beneficial for the both of you. You could pay them cash, or they could take whatever’s ready for harvest while you’re away; it all depends on your agreement.

There you have it! Now you can enjoy a good holiday and come home to a beautiful garden. Brilliant!

Travelling Alone In London

solo travel

It’s one thing to travel with your friends. It’s another thing to travel with no one, but yourself. Fret not, though. Travelling alone is a great experience – especially if you’re going somewhere like the United Kingdom’s capital, which has no shortage of places to see or things to do or people to encounter and more.

With that, here are some points when travelling in London:

Be prepared.

Airline tickets? Check. Hotel rooms? Check. Itinerary maps? Emergency kits? Survival tools? If you wanna travel – or more specifically, if you wanna travel alone in London – you need to be prepared. And you don’t just need to be prepared. You need to be fully prepared, as well as more aware on what’s happening around you – just in case you suddenly get lost or accidentally get wounded.

Pack lightly.

Travelling in the United Kingdom’s capital will definitely up one’s knack for adventure. With a total land area of 1,572 km² or 157,200 hectares, you will never run out of places to see here. Thus, you need to pack lightly. This is not just for you to move around freely, but also to fully experience London’s scenic views and charming milieu – without compromising any limitations or without feeling any kind of pain.

Visit suburbs.

As mentioned before, travelling alone is a great experience. But when it comes to places you’ll stay in for days or even months, nothing compares visiting suburbs like Hornsey in Northern London. For one, it has a residential feel all over the place – making one feel like he is just at home, even if he is far away. It also has a traditional feel all over the place – being the oldest village in London and all.

Do you any other points when travelling in London? Let us know in the comments section below!

Things to do and see near Hornsey

EgyptianAvenue HighgateCemetary.JPG
By JohnArmaghOwn work, Public Domain,

Hornsey is located near several attractions that draw both the locals and tourists. Some are within a fairly comfortable walking distance from the area. Others are easily accessible by bus or train. If you’re looking for more to explore, here are some of the places you can add to your list.

Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace is nestled between Muswell Hill and Wood Green. It is an entertainment hub that dates back to the late 1800’s. There are many activities and attractions to enjoy when in the area. Visitors can enjoy a drink or meal at the bars, cafes, and restaurants located around the area. The place also serves as a venue for a wide array of concerts and other live performances. For those looking for more active adventures, boating at the lake, ice skating, and segway are just some of the attractions. It also has a farmers’ market where people can buy a wide range of produce and other food products.

Location: Alexandra Palace Way, London, N22 7AY

Bruce Castle Museum

Bruce Castle is a 16th-century brick house that sits in vast parkland. The name of the castle was from the House of Bruce that owned the land. It has served as a museum since 1906. The museum is home to a wide range of historical and art pieces. Apart from admiring the collections and art exhibitions featured in the museum, visitors can also take part in the events held inside and outside the manor.

Location: Lordship Ln, London N17 8NU

Emirates Stadium

Sports enthusiasts, especially Arsenal fans, probably won’t want to miss the chance to visit the home of the famous football club. The facility ranks third among the biggest football stadiums in England. Visitors have a choice of exploring the venue on their own or sign up for the guided tours. The massive stadium also houses a museum featuring a wide array of Arsenal memorabilia.

Location: Hornsey Rd, London N7 7AJ

Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery is a historic place that serves as the final resting place of many notable personalities in architecture, arts, design, literature, politics, and more. It is divided into the east and west with each section worth exploring not only for its residents but also for the many interesting tombs and structures in the area. Some of the famous people visitors come to see include Douglas Adams, George Eliot, Henry Moore, and Karl Marx among many others.

Location: Swain’s Ln, London N6 6PJ

5 Restaurants in High Street that Serve Diverse Cuisines

Hornsey’s High Street is a delightful place to explore if you’re looking for restaurants that serve diverse selections of food. You can have your choice of restaurants that serve delicious European and Asian dishes. It’s like an international lane for food where you can indulge on authentic dishes from different corners of the world.

1. Pomodoro Ristorante

Pomodoro Ristorante is a good choice if you’re craving for some homemade Italian food. You can dine in at this neighborhood restaurant to enjoy its traditional Italian fares. Or you can order takeaway and savor a relaxing meal at the nearby Priory Park.

Location: 12 High St, London N8 7PB

2. Pradera

Pradera is the place to go if you want some Spanish tapas and other traditional Spanish cuisines like paella. The restaurant has a tavern vibe to it and is a gathering place for family and friends. The place features live shows on certain days. You can have fun listening to the music and dance the night away on a Saturday. Some of the performances you can expect in Pradera include the flamenco shows and the Cuban themed nights.

Location: 14 High St, London N8

3. Shiso

Shiso is a contemporary Japanese restaurant that serves great-tasting sushi. The restaurant has a garden which provides a soothing backdrop for a good meal. You can eat sushi at one of the tables or at the bar area. You can also opt to take away your food or have it delivered if you want to savor all those delicious sushi elsewhere.

Location: 34 High St, London N8 7NX

4. Thai Neung Restaurant

Thai food has earned a reputation of being one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you probably had your share of some of the countries scrumptious dishes. Thai Neung is one of the neighborhood restaurants along High Street that serves authentic Thai dishes with an option for takeaway. Some of the selections on their menu include chicken satay, spicy fish cakes, spring rolls, and vegetable dumplings among many others.

Location: 82 High St, London N8 7NU

5. Tomo Pizzeria-Restaurant

Tomo Pizzeria-Restaurant serves authentic Italian food. You can have your pick of appetizers, salads, pastas, main courses, and desserts. You can try their paccheri con nduja calabrese made with spicy Calabrian sausage and cherry tomatoes among other ingredients. If you’re yearning for pizza, you can give the pizza ricotta & spinaci a try. The said pizza uses ingredients that include ricotta cheese, spinach, and tomatoes with a topping of pine nuts.

Location: 88 High St, London N8 7NU

Spending Time Outdoors at Priory Park

A visit to the park is the quickest way to spend some time with nature. Priory Park in Middle Lane N8 is one of the many green spaces across Greater London. It is a public park that provides people in and around Hornsey an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Locals as well as tourists visiting the area will find it an attractive place to spend some time outdoors. Priory Park has been around for over a hundred years. The sense of history and the natural scenery make it an interesting place to explore.

Priory Park 2006.JPG
By PterreOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Go for a stroll around the park

Stroll around the park and soak in the scenery. See the flowers in bloom and listen to the sounds of birds chirping. Visit the Pavilion which serves as a gathering place for private parties and community events. The pavilion also serves as the base of a conservation charity working in the area.

Dine al fresco in the park grounds

Indulge in an impromptu picnic by enjoying a leisurely snack or meal at the park. You can spend the time at one of the picnic benches near the playground. Or you can head to the Philosopher’s garden which is a dog-free area. The garden sits near a wildlife pond, which serves as beautiful backdrop for an al fresco meal.

Take part in some recreational activities

There are sports and recreational facilities in the park that you can use. You can play basketball and tennis or watch some of the activities at the paddling pool area. The park area covers more than six hectares. You can use the time to explore more by walking around.

Spend time at a café while taking in the view

You can take a break at the café located at the heart of the park. Enjoy a cup of your favorite brew while soaking in the sights around you. The café is conveniently located near the public toilets so it’s a good place to unwind before you head back to your wanderings.

Visit the old fountain

Head east to take a look at the old fountain that dates back to the late 19th century. The massive fountain made of granite is one of the known landmarks in the park.